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  • Unveiling the Magic

    Essential Reasons to Hire a Wedding Choreographer Discover the essential reasons to hire a wedding choreographer including, impressing guests, reducing jitters through personalized dance lessons, adding spice to the wedding video, and creating a memorable and customized experience. Importance of Hiring a Wedding Choreographer The first dance at a wedding is a highly anticipated event…

  • Elevating Dance Cinematography:The Impact of Drone Cameras

    It’s time to rise with the times! The best angles for dance are not always eye level and what better way to explore formations and choreography than from a bird’s eye view? This article explores the impact of drone cameras in dance cinematography, discussing the historical shift from traditional to aerial views, technical considerations for…

  • She Loves To Move

    Recently Shaping Space Choreography had the opportunity to be involved in the creation of a special project! We choreographed and produced a video that expresses the joy of dance through lyrical ballet. The piece was choreographed for a project called “She Loves to Dance” for the ministry Soul to Sole.