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Meet Jimmy!


We are proud to have Jimmy Olivero and Lyfted Media Group on the Shaping Space Choreography team! Lyfted Media Group LLC was formed in 2017 by Industry Leading Drone Pilot and Aerial Media Consultant Jimmy Olivero. Jimmy brought together a diverse group of Aerial Cinematographers to satisfy the demand for drone aerial media in multiple business verticals.

Born and raised in NYC, Jimmy took his love for film making to the next level by joining a startup that provided aerial photography services using remote controlled flying cameras in 2007. Since then he turned it into an international brand with affiliates in LA, Miami and NYC. Long before there was a “drone craze” Jimmy was flying missions for Hollywood and major TV networks. He has personally flown for National Geographic, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, Google and Reality TV Shows across the country.

With so much experience and expertise, Jimmy never fails to create professional quality videos that make you, or your project or event, shine every time!

Basic filming and editing package


This package includes a fully edited 60-second video of your project as well as behind the scenes clips of the filming process.

Lyfted Media’s video services for Shaping Space Choreography are customizable! Contact us for more information.